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Hazardous Tree Removal

Most trees are strong and resilient, but they aren’t immune to disease, natural disasters, etc. If the structural integrity or health of a large tree is compromised, it is considered to be hazard. Local governments usually have strict regulations on hazardous trees and how to handle them. A qualified emergency tree removal service provider or arborist will provide proper guidelines on what to do.

Hazardous trees are the owner’s responsibility. If you notice that some of your trees look unstable or are leaning sharply in one direction, contact a tree removal service immediately. If it falls and causes damage to someone else’s property, you may be held liable for it.

According to experienced arborists, hazardous trees are a subjective matter. Some property owners don’t want to deal with a weakened or compromised tree and will remove it even if it isn’t a real hazard. Some homeowners may consider healthy trees a potential risk because they live in areas with frequent storms.

A certified arborist will conduct a thorough examination before offering their recommendations. They will identify risk factors, chances of failure, the potential for damage, etc. so owners can make an informed choice.

If your tree is highly unstable, hire a hazardous tree removal service immediately as they can collapse at any time without warning, which can result in considerable property damage.


Emergency Tree Removal Services Near Me

Tree removal is a complicated job, especially if you’re dealing with a compromised or diseased one. It is vital to hire an excellent emergency tree removal service to extract a fallen or hazardous tree from your property. Here are some tips on how to find them:

  • Certified Arborists – Look for certified and licensed arborists instead of hiring tree surgeons or pruning experts. Expert arborists have the right training, equipment, and knowledge to deal with emergencies effectively. Look for professionals with certification from the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • Dedicated Emergency Service –Many tree removal companies have a dedicated emergency service set-up that allows them to respond promptly. Their lines are open 24/7, and they will arrive at your location soon after the service request. Their customer service representatives usually inform clients when they can expect assistance.
  • License –Look for companies that have local government licenses before hiring them. Governments have guidelines on how to cut down or remove a tree and will fine people for violating them. Professional arborists are up-to-date on all these regulations, which can help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Sometimes you need to apply for permits before bringing a hazardous standing tree down. This can be a confusing process, so hire professionals who will handle the permit process for you.

24-Hour Tree Removal Service


A 24-hour tree removal service will have an emergency line you can call at any time. A dedicated customer service agent will answer questions, offer advice on what to do during emergencies, and send an arborist to your location. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this service:

  • Full Assessment – One of the first things an expert will do is conduct a comprehensive assessment of a fallen or hazardous tree. They must consider factors like diseases, pests, tree size, location, and the surrounding environment carefully before creating a plan of approach. A diseased or pest-infested tree will require a different approach than a healthy tree.
  • Take Photographs –Professional arborists will take several photographs of the tree. This helps during the planning process and helps maintain a clear record of all damages.
  • Planning Process –Once your arborist team has assessed and documented everything, they will create a detailed plan for removal. Experts will decide what kind of tools they need to use, where they need to cut, how to remove branches safely, etc.
  • Tree Cutting –Arborists will arrive at your property with all required equipment like chainsaws, manual saws, shears, grinders, etc. for tree cutting purposes. Proper tools are essential for such a task as they make an arborist’s job much more manageable.

A tree removal company will also clear all the green waste generated during the removal. Clients can choose to keep some of the wood for household use if needed or turn a portion of it into mulch.


Emergency Tree Removal Cost

Emergency tree removal costs more than regular tree removal.  Very large trees can cost even more to remove, especially if the site has several obstacles that an arborist will have to navigate during the process.

Homeowners usually have to pay a premium during emergencies. Fortunately, tree removal companies deal directly with insurance providers rather than the property owners. Homeowner’s insurance generally covers a tree fall or emergency incident.

Emergency services are expensive because tree removal companies have to invest a lot of money to maintain them. They need to hire arborists who are willing to respond in emergencies. They must also maintain a fleet of fully-equipped trucks for a prompt response.

Emergencies usually happen in adverse weather like heavy rains, snowstorms, etc. These are hazardous working conditions, even for trained arborists. Tree removal is already a risky task in ideal weather conditions, but wet, cold, or windy conditions make the situation worse. The additional cost covers worker’s compensation insurance, protective gear, and other such necessities.


 Emergency Tree Removal Near Me

Many people don’t know when they should call an emergency tree removal company, especially if their tree is still standing. You can call at any time- someone will answer the emergency line even in the wee hours of the morning or even late on a Sunday night. There’s a dedicated customer service executive ready to assist clients at any time. You just need to explain the condition of the tree to them, and they will let you know if it is an emergency. Here’s what’s usually considered an emergency:

  • Fallen Tree – If a tree has fallen, call emergency removal immediately. You should call even if it has fallen in a safe area and hasn’t caused any substantial damage to your property. It is an unstable tree that will behave unpredictably.
  • After Storms or Heavy Rain – Check all trees from a safe distance after a severe storm or heavy rain. If any tree looks unstable, call emergency removal services. Look for things like leaning tree trunks, two trees leaning against each other, broken branches, and trees with burn marks from a lightning strike. Make sure no branches are touching or close to power lines because that can be disastrous.
  • Sick Trees – If your trees have brittle or peeling bark, many dead branches, yellowed leaves, fungus, or carpenter ants, they need urgent care. These trees can fail at any moment, especially during adverse weather conditions.

In the case of sick trees, most arborists will first check whether it can be salvaged before recommending removal.

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Emergency Tree Services Near Me

Emergency tree companies provide a wide range of care services before and after an emergency. Here’s a look at how they can help:

  • Tree Maintenance Services – A tree is less likely to fall if it is maintained well. Most tree care companies offer long-term contracts to help homeowners keep their plants healthy. Certified arborists will treat diseases, remove dead or diseased branches, ensure a tree has proper nutrition, etc. Proper care can also help trees withstand storms better.
  • Pruning Services – Pruning improves a tree’s overall health while controlling its growth at the same time. A well-pruned tree has fewer dead branches and no overhanging limbs that threaten to destroy your property.
  • Stump Removal –Tree stumps are a nuisance. They take up space, attract pests, and can be an eyesore. Many still have active roots that can sprout again in the right conditions. A removal company can handle this problem for you by grinding the stump or removing it completely.
  • Disposal –Tree removal creates a lot of debris that can’t be left lying around in your property. Unfortunately, disposing of this debris isn’t easy either, as most garbage collection companies won’t take wood chips or sawdust. A removal company will take the debris off your hands for a small fee. Most establishments charge around $50 for this.

Ask your tree care service provider for detailed information about the range of services they provide so you know when they can help.


Storm Damage Tree Removal

A storm can cause a lot of tree damage, especially to a sick or weakened tree. That’s why you should consider hiring a tree care expert even if there’s no emergency. Here’s a look at how a storm can damage a tree:

  • It can break weak branches of different sizes.
  • Lightning strikes can burn an entire tree from the inside.
  • Heavy rains can cause erosion, weakening support for the roots.
  • Strong winds destabilize weak or diseased trees, causing them to fall.
  • Intense storms can also uproot an entire tree.

If a storm damages your tree, call an emergency removal service immediately for prompt action.


Tree Service Near Me

It is natural to panic when a tree falls on your property. Most people don’t know how to react to such a situation and experience a lot of stress. Here are some tips that can help you manage an emergency effectively:

  • Secure Your Family – Always check on your family first. Make sure everyone, especially children and elderly parents, are out of the way and at a safe location. Get medical assistance for injured people immediately. You may also want to check on your pets to ensure they’re not harmed.
  • Call Your Insurance Company – Homeowner’s insurance covers damages caused by falling trees. Call your insurance company immediately after you notice the collapse. Record every aspect of the incident and take detailed photographs of the crash site. It will help with the claims process.
  • Get Approval – Provide all the details about the incident to your insurance company. Once they verify the information, you will get approval for tree removal expenses and house repair costs.
  • Find a Tree Removal Service – Find a reliable tree removal service near you. Look for companies that provide prompt emergency response and know exactly how to handle fallen trees effectively. You can also ask the company for a detailed quote if you’re concerned about the cost of tree removal.

Don’t panic during an emergency. A reliable tree service company will provide all the support you need during this time.


AAA Emergency Tree Service

A fallen or dangerously unstable tree requires careful handling. You can’t just start cutting it without a proper approach plan. Fallen trees can potentially cause more damage if you don’t move cautiously. Here are some reasons why hiring professional emergency services is essential:

  • Training and Tools –Professional tree service providers have the right training and tools to handle fallen trees. They know how to identify unstable areas, create a removal plan, and cut wood safely.
  • Minimal Damage – Tree removal will cause some additional damage to your property even if removal experts work carefully. However, they will make sure there is minimal damage by using rigging equipment and a good strategy. DIY removal causes extensive damage that your insurance provider may not cover.
  • Safety Equipment – Removing large trees is a risky affair, and professionals know how to take the right precautions. They will use safety equipment like helmets, eye protection, gloves, protective clothing, etc., during a removal.
  • Insurance –Professional tree removal companies have comprehensive insurance coverage. Most have full liability and worker’s compensation insurance, which means that your interests are protected if something goes wrong on the job site.

Professional tree removal services are a much safer alternative to DIY removal. Choose a service provider who has the experience, skill, and a good reputation in the local community for good results.


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